Newman- Crows Landing Unified School District is excited to use Google Workspace for Education as a service for students and teachers to integrate 21st century technology tools into the curriculum.  We are sharing information regarding the use of Google Workspace for Education in our district and are requesting your parental permission for your student to use Google Workspace For Education and Chromebooks in the classroom.

What is Google Workspace for Education?

Google Workspace For Education is a safe online collaborative learning environment. It is tightly integrated with our school network and Internet filter, and was developed and designed specifically for educational purposes. The only users on Google Workspace are students and educational staff. We will be using it in a variety of ways, including learning Internet safety and digital citizenship, extending classroom discussions, collaborating on projects, creation, and completion of assignments, school-related only email correspondence between students/teachers, and more.

Google Workspace includes:

• Easy access to good educational resources including, but not limited to, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more tools such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides and other apps that support student achievement.

• Collaborative learning through groups, web pages, discussions, blogs, monitored messaging, and additional tools.

• Email – an individual internal email account for school use only and is managed, monitored and filtered by the district.

• Private file storage for anywhere access to works in progress- no need for flash drives

• Extensive monitoring and reporting

Using these tools, students collaboratively create, edit, and share files and websites for school related projects, work in small groups, and communicate via email with other NCLUSD students and teachers only. These services are entirely online and available anytime from any Internet connected computer.

The use of Google’ s Google Workspace For Education involves online storage of student class work.  Personal information from students (first name, last name, and username) are used to create student accounts in the form of an internal email address.  This information is used by the district only to create, manage, and maintain user accounts; no personal information will be shared with Google.  Parent consent is entirely voluntary.  However, students who do not have permission to use Google Workspace For Education will not be able to create or share assignments online.  In addition, students will not have access to Chromebooks in the classroom because these require a Google account to log in. 

 School Responsibility

As per school policies, all activities requiring Internet access will be supervised by the teacher at school.

Internet safety education will be included as part of introducing new technology tools. Teacher supervision, the school web filter, and spot checking student accounts will be used to ensure that students’ use of digital tools follows district and school policy and procedures.

Student Responsibility

Students must agree to the Google Workspace For Education terms of use upon their first log in. Real names are used (there is no anonymity). Everything a user posts, creates, or uploads will be logged and can be reviewed by school or district authorized staff. Students can access Google Workspace For Education from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Use of Google Workspace is for educational purposes and all school rules and guidelines must be followed. Students will adhere to the District Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.  Students will report any evidence of cyber bullying to a school administrator, guidance counselor, or teacher. Students will also follow their parent or guardian’s guidelines for use of Internet tools in and out of school.

Parent/Guardian Responsibility

Parents/Guardians understand that supervision of Internet use outside of school is your responsibility. Please discuss your family rules and expectations for using Internet based tools. Always report any evidence of cyber bullying or other inappropriate use to the school. You can ask that your child’s account be terminated by contacting a school administrator. If you would like to know more about Google Workspace, please visit Google Workspace for Education Parent Agreement

I have read the enclosed Google Workspace Background Information and am aware that the district utilizes a suite of online applications called Google Workspace for Education to facilitate collaboration and communication among students and staff when creating, sharing, and storing documents and assignments online.  The district may make additional applications available if any such app supports student achievement while reasonably ensuring a safe and secure environment.

I understand that when a district user account is created for the student in the form of an internal email address, a corresponding Google Workspace for Education account will be automatically created, causing information about the student (first name, last name, and username) to be collected and stored electronically but that this information will not be shared with anyone. I further understand that the student may store class work or files in Google Workspace for Education.  I have read the privacy policies associated with the use of Google Workspace for Education:  Privacy Policy