Special Events Ordering

NCLUSD Classroom Parties

Please follow the following procedures when making Classroom Party Requests

The Cafeteria has a way to assist with classroom celebrations. The Nutrition Services staff can provide a Hot Dog or Pizza Party at no charge to the school site or students for the meals. Additional items can be purchased by the site upon request.

o The teacher will obtain a Classroom Pizza Party or Hot Dog Party Order Form from the site secretary (available in the Secretary Team Drive)

o Teacher will fill out the form and submit to catering@nclusd.k12.ca.us a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. A calendar invite will be sent to the originator confirming the order. Please use the fill and sign option in Adobe to complete the form.

o The school health staff will be cc’d on the calendar invite to review for allergies

o Meals will be ready for pick up at the cafeteria 15 minutes prior to lunch time

o Tally sheets will be provided by cafeteria site at pick up, to be returned by 1:30 pm the day of the event.

In-house Catering

To request Catering Order:

Complete Catering Form (attached) using the catering menu (attached). Email to Catering@nclusd.k12.ca.us. Upon approval by Nutrition Services Department, the requestor will get an invitation to accept catering date.

• Catering requests need to be submitted 14 days prior to the event. This allows for ordering, receiving and preparation of items.

• Catering requests received within 48 hours of event are subject to a $50 rush fee.

• There is a $50 minimum order for catering requests

Catering Price Quotes

• All menu items prices are included on Catering Menu. Routine catering orders will NOT be quoted unless the originator is notified of unforeseen market conditions or product availability. For budgeting purposes, multiply the number of persons x the menu price.

• Catering menu prices will be subject to change due to market conditions and/or product availability.

• Special orders are welcome, time and product availability permitting, quotes will be provided prior to scheduling confirmation.