Physical Education

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Yolo Middle School Physical Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Physical Education department is to provide opportunities and assistance to all students while they enjoy and learn about physical activity, so our pupils will continue to be active throughout their adult lives.

  • Expose students to lifetime team and individual sports, thus preparing them with necessary skills for future leisure endeavors
  • Increase awareness and formulate activity plans, so students are equipped to address their personal fitness needs throughout adulthood
  • Provide a physical education fitness program that will increase and/or improve a majority of our students’ upper body strength, overall body composition, and aerobic capacity
  • Improve student understanding of basic offensive and defensive strategies while participating in team sport activities
  • Expect an appropriate level of compromise and a sense of fair play from students while participating in class activities
Physical Education Attire

A separate change of clothing is necessary for hygienic purposes. The Yolo P.E. Department has clothing for sale. Tennis shoes are necessary for all Physical Education activities. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED; cash or money orders only.

Lock $5.00

P.E. Shirt $7.00

P.E. Shorts $10.00

P.E. Sweatpants $12.00

P.E. Hooded Sweatshirts $18.00

The P.E. shorts and shirt are an essential part of the daily uniform along with athletic shoes. Sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts are available for purchase to wear at the students’ leisure.

*We recommend the removal of all jewelry during P.E. for safety reasons.

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