2020 F2B Reading Madness Tournament

We have reached our Finals! From over 40 classrooms we have reached our the final 2 competing for the title of champions. Congratulations to Mr. Paiva's class and Mrs. Cabotage's class. The two classes will now face off in the last read off of the tournament. Good luck readers! 

The 2020 Footsteps2Brilliance Reading Madness Tournament tipped off Monday, February 24, 2020! 

The tournament will run a total of six weeks, from February 24, 2020 through April 5, 2020. At the end of six weeks we will have our Champions! Updated bracket results will be posted here on the website every Monday morning! 

Will Mrs. Van Dyke's 2nd grade class win back-to-back championships?

Will the 2019 Reading Madness Champions, Mrs. Marroquin's 2nd grade class come back and win the title again? 

Anything could happen, be sure to follow along with us here to see who will raise the championship banner!

Tournament Rules: 

  1. Single week (Mon-Sun) read off against another TK-3 class in the district
  2. Each class starts each new week of competition with zero total words read
  3. Class with the most words read at the end of each week advances to another round of the tournament, the other class is eliminated
  4. Single round elimination 

Tournament Schedule: 

Week 1: Mon 2/24 - Sun 3/1

Week 2: Mon 3/2 - Sun 3/8 

Week 3 Sweet 16's: Mon 3/9 - Sun 3/15

Week 4 Elite 8: Mon 3/16 - Sun 3/22

Week 5 Final 4: Mon 3/23 - Sun 3/29

Week 6 FINALS: Mon 3/30 - Sun 4/5 

Winners Announced: Monday 4/6/2020