Employment Opportunities

Edjoin.org Link

Edjoin Website -all job applications are done on this website.

If you have questions about our employment opportunities, policies or practices, please feel free to contact the district office:

Mr. Ryan Smith, Director of Human Resources

E-mail: rsmith@nclusd.k12.ca.us

Office Phone: (209) 862-2933

Employment Data

The Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District employs approximately 300 people to serve our 2,700 students. We have over 120 teachers and the remainder are support staff: clerical, custodial, maintenance, instructional aides, health aides, administrators, yard supervisors, food service and others.

Employment Opportunities

We have periodic openings for new employees throughout the year. These opening come about because of employee resignations and new positions due to growth and student needs.

We are an “Equal Opportunity” employer. We seriously consider and welcome all applications regardless of an applicant’s age, gender, race, religion, ethnic background or national origin.

We no longer accept “paper” applications for our positions. All job announcements and applications are done “on-line” over the internet. The application site is http://www.edjoin.org. This site is free to the applicants and is a convenient way to search and apply for jobs in school districts all over the state of California. If a person wishes to apply for one of our positions and needs help with scanning their documents to up-load to Edjoin, we have a computer and scanner available at the district office for that purpose. Call the district office at (209) 862-2933 for an appointment to use the computer and scanner.