Calling all Future Chefs!
Calling all Future Chefs!
Monday, January 28, 2019

Like to cook?  Like to compete? Enter the 3rd Annual NCLUSD Culinary Competition today!

Open to all students in 4th – 12th grade.  This year's competition will be a Mystery Basket.  All students will be presented with a mystery basket of ingredients.  They will have 30 minutes to develop, prepare & present their dish for the judges.

Entry deadline:
Elementary Sites: 2/8/19
Yolo & OHS: 2/14/19

Turn in forms to your cafeteria

Please see 2019 Future Chefs Timeline Flyer for Semi-final round dates at each site.

The winner from each school will advance to the final at Orestimba High School on April 11, 2019.