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Instructional Technology

Technology Coach Goals:


To facilitate the integration of technology into teaching and learning in order to increase student achievement and student engagement

  • by providing staff with assistance in integrating technology into their curriculum:  GAFE, tech tools, instructional strategies, resources, etc.
  • by providing training to help staff acquire technology skills to enhance teaching: GAFE, Interactive Whiteboards, etc.
  • by assisting staff in the classroom with technology implementation: team teaching


In addition, my other responsibilities are:  

  • To research and provide staff with emerging instructional technology tools and strategies to innovate the classroom and enhance student learning.
  • To provide material and resources to ensure students are acquiring technology skills and digital citizenship skills to make them 21st century learners.
  • To facilitate our Educational Technology Professional Learning Network in order to distribute and share resources, tools and strategies.


Requesting my Assistance: 

  • Please fill out the Technology Coach Request Form.  
  • You may email me directly and occasionally your request may be taken care of through email.  If your technology needs require more discussion, I will ask you to fill out the form.


Please visit the Tech Training Calendar to view upcoming training sessions.



Please use one of these to receive technology information.

  • Email – Only if the information is essential and needs to be distributed to everyone
  • Instructional Technology Blog – Follow my blog to receive information as it is posted.
  • Google+ - NCLUSD Community


The Blog and the Google+ Community will provide you with a platform to share with the district any information, strategies and useful technology tools you find, to help us build a Professional Learning Network.