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After School Program

The After School Program (ASP) operates every day that school is in session, from the end of the school day until 6:00pm.  ASP is offered to all students across all grades levels within the boundaries of the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District.  The K8 programs are funded through After School Education and Safety (ASES) grants.  The 9-12 grades were funded for several years through 21st Century Community Learning (21st CLCC) grants, however the high school program is now funded through Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

The goal of the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District After-School Program (ASP) is to align and expand on the regular day curriculum by introducing hands-on enrichment activities coupled with a connection to cultural experiences to stimulate the brain and educate the senses. Simply said, the ASP staff strives to connect with every child in a meaningful way every day.

Program Cost

For K5 sites, the cost of the program is as follows:

·         Group A- Families on Free/Reduced lunch will pay $10.00 per month for up to two children or $15.00 a month for three or more.

·         Group B- Families not on Free/Reduced lunch will pay $25.00 per month for up to two children or $30.00 a month for three or more.

·         Kindercare- Families will pay $60.00 per month.  Additional fees for older siblings will follow the preceding rates.

Tuition is due by the FIRST SCHOOL DAY of every month.  When tuition has fallen 2 months behind, the child will be removed from the program and put at the bottom of the wait list.
There is no cost for students to attend ASP at the Yolo Jr High and Orestimba High School.

Early Release Policy

In an effort to ensure the safety of students and address the concerns of parents in ASP, students will be allowed to leave at 4:30 pm.  This will allow students who walk home the ability to leave early enough time to get home before dark. The ASP bus also arrives around 4:45, students are notified by the program leader and coordinator when the bus arrives.  Programming is still available until 6:00 pm at all schools in the district for students who have permission to stay.


K5 students receive homework help for at least an hour at the beginning for the program.  During homework time, noise level is to remain at a moderate or quiet level to ensure students are able to make the best use of their time. Students are encouraged to attend the program until 4pm to receive the full benefit of the academic assistance of the program. Throughout the program academic enrichment is offered through Math fluency, reading and writing activities, which build on the skills of the regular school day.

Students attending Yolo Jr High ASP have the option of attending homework club which is facilitated by a program leader or credentialed teachers.  Academic Recovery Program (ARP) is available through ASP, by credentialed teachers and program leaders for students who are academic ineligible.

At the high school after school program, students are able to receive tutoring help from program leaders, student tutors and credentialed teachers throughout the entirety of the program.

Homework Policy

The After School Program will continue with the following homework policy for K5 programs.

During homework support time, students will be encouraged to be independent and responsible for getting their work finished.  After school staff will assume the role of homework coaches and help students assume this responsibility. The after school grants are very specific as to the amount of time spent on homework.

Therefore, all students enrolled in the program will attend homework support time every day.  Grades 1, 2 and 3 will be provided with 45 minutes of homework support and grades 4 and 5 will receive 60 minutes of homework support.  If students do not complete their homework during this support time period, then they will be expected to finish the homework at home.

It will not be the responsibility of the homework coaches to grade/check homework.  They will assist students with problems when the student asks.  The homework support room will be silent for the benefit of all students.

Students will be asked if they have homework every day and their responses will be charted for parents and teachers. Homework coaches will not look in backpacks for homework.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is an important part of ASP.  Students participate in daily physical activities at the K8 level of ASP.  The high school program provides the option of physical activities provided by credential P.E teachers.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities are essential to bringing academics into the lives of students from NCLUSD community. Academics coupled with enrichments add to the learning process as a whole and strengthens the attachment to education for both the student and the parent. Students at all levels of the program are involved in enrichment activities that align with the regular school day.  These activities involve arts and crafts, science experiments, poetry, math, language arts, presentation and health and fitness.

Arts education activities include a music program, which consists of recorders (flute-like instrument) taught to 3rd graders during the first half of the school year, then to the 4th graders for the remainder of the year. Band is offered to all ASP students in the 5th grade. Under the supervision of a music instructor, K-1 students participate in singing with total physical response (TPR). TPR activates many parts of the brain and its benefits are immeasurable. Rhyming, phonemic awareness, and memorization skills are essential foundational skills.

Math Olympics is held once per trimester where ASP participants are put on teams and rotate through a series of events. Each event involves computation of basic facts culminating in running to help other teams complete their event. As the year progresses 5th graders are trained to run the Math Olympic events, thus developing leadership skills.

Laura Aguirre
Hurd Barrington ASP

Connie Souza
Bonita ASP

Yvonne Alvarez
Hunt ASP

Cindy Perry
Von Renner ASP

Kim Tyer, ASP Coordinator
Yolo Middle School

Julie Thurman, ASP Co-Coordinator
Yolo Middle School

Chanelle Raboteau
Director of After School Programs